Our “Wine of the World” tours

South Africa

South Africa, majestic Wine Region
South Africa is one of the most majestic wine region in the world, combining delicacy and elegance. Get inspired by the magical African landscape!
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Scotland, Whisky&Legends
Land of contrasts combining rural and urban, unspoilt and preserved landscapes, mountains and lochs, Scotland has a lot to offer from the Highlands to vibrant cities as Edinburgh and Glasgow. Famous for its whisky and distilleries, this legendary land with myths as the Loch Ness will make you discover its best-kept secrets. Enter the legend …
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Argentina, Vineyards and Perito Moreno Glacier
Argentina is situated on the meridional part of South America, bordered on one side by the Atlantic Ocean, and on the other side by the Andes Moutains. When you follow your finger on the outlines of Argentina on a world map, you already feel the taste and the magic of the adventure invading you!
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A Spanish wines road
This Tour gives you a unique opportunity to get to know stunning villages, castles, monasteries and churches in Spain, whilst also learning about Spanish wine, Spanish cuisine and Spanish culture.
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Tuscany, the charm and the character of wines
We start italian tours, discovering the vineyards of Tuscany ... The welcome and the “joie de vivre” of Tuscan people are unforgettable and they will make you appreciate the Sangiovese plant which the most beautiful...
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Alentejo, the other portuguese vineyard
Portuguese vineyards are not only from Porto region ... This program is dedicated to the Alentejo area, the largest Portugal’s region, on the part east of Lisbon.
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