Incredible stay

in the vineyard



2015 is a year printed by the recent collaboration with Vigneron Indépendant, an organization which represents whole of the independant winemakers in France.

It is within this enotourism step that we now offer some stay at the domain in whole the French vineyards, highlighting independant winemakers, their passion for the vines and their know-how.


Le Grand Séjour des Vignerons Indépendants

4 days/3 nights, one stay per semester, a group with a number of participants limited to 16 persons, for a price of 950€ per person.

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Séjours Wine&Break

Feel at home … at the winegrower ! 

In full immersion in the wine estate, discover the secrecies of the Vine and its fabrication, awaken your creativity close to an incredible flora, surprise your palate, with two possible ways of stay, in the region you like!

2 packages close to the vinemaker! A big-stay package and a short-stay package including one visit, wine-tasting, Domain discovery, accommodation, lunch and dinner.

Relaxing stay at the property

2 days/1 night – 370 € for two persons

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« Prestige » Stay in hôtel ****

2 days/1 night – 760€ for two persons

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